Keeping your retirement income options flexible

An annuity is a way of exchanging a lump sum of cash for a stream of future payments. They have a history that goes back as far as the Romans.

Annuities these days are not just a way of securing a regular pension, they can be used as a flexible solution to producing different levels of income in retirement as your needs change.

Innovative specialist annuities can be used to pay out income for care fees or to support someone who is disabled.

Just how much an annuity you get depends on lots of factors such as:

  • your age
  • health
  • how long you need the annuity to be paid for

Does it:

  • have to pay a pension for a spouse or dependent?
  • will it keep pace with inflation?
  • pay out later?
  • need some investment management?

As you can see not as straightforward as you may think which is why it always pay to shop around and seek advice when it comes to annuities

For Investment Planning we make recommendations based upon the Whole of Market.

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